11 waste ho gyi ab?😭😭

Sir…kuch bhi samjh ni ara ky kru 11 jo soch ke start ki thi besa kuch ni hua
Mujhe lagta hai basic khrab h .mere
Aur test ka pressure lgta h …marks to below 300 are h …
Class m samjh ni ata…
Concentration ni horha
Consistent to bilkul ni ho pati
Glt time pe need arhi h
Parents ki hopes lg rha h m khud barbaad kar rahi hu.
Thodi der motivate hoti hu fir se wahi alas or topics samjh ni ate to chod deti hu
Question solve ni hote …samjh hi ni ate
Honestly mene questions lgae hi ni h bcz topics hi clear ni h…
Jo yaad krti hu bhool jati hu
Revision ke naam pe kuch ni kiaa

Mujhe smjh ni arha mene kia hi kya h …abhi tk​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


It’s never too late to start. Join a perfect mentorship to guide you at each step.
You have to build self control which doesn’t come in a day. Sacrifice for your studies. This exam is a compititive exam and you have prove that you are better then the others. So for that you need to study and belive in yourself. You will score good marks in NEET☺️


First of all, relax a bit, and give pause your overthinking; there is nothing like that; we are spending time on some things, and we are not getting anything out of that, at least if not 70-80%, but still, you know 30-40% if you are investing your time, so the case of not knowing anything not comes in picture the only thing is that you are not working in the right direction either you are investing your time in things which are not needed, you get easily distracted from small things around you, you have a second thought in mind, you think this much work is sufficient, you are limiting yourself to less any of these cases can be possible. So better to thinking all this, take the right track and start discussing things with your teachers, do not be shy about asking your teachers and friends for help; believe me, you will be more confident and energetic around people who are already motivated towards their goal, never feel peer pressure, if someone is doing great it is their hard work despite being negatively influenced you should try to learn from them, and please please please do not waste your time on silly things like reading 1000 books rather than keep one source and try solving maximum questions you can solve if it is not solvable by you ask doubts a lot eventually you will get that thought process of solving questions, new questions, and everything will be fine and good ahead.
Remember to enjoy and make memorable moments with your friends.

Everyone including toppers face this type of uncertainty at some point in their preparation phase . There are many ups and downs but the most important thing is that do not lose your composure in order to get success. Have confidence and belief in yourself.
For the preparation part, I think you should contact someone and seek guidance from the ones who have already cracked this exam or you can have one to one mentorship with various toppers at this platform.
And please stop overthinking and devote more time in your studies. Make your daily routine and try to follow it.

All the best :relaxed: !!

According to me first of all just give some time on yourself to think that what you want to become and why you want to choose that field,after lot of thinking if your answer is I want to become a doctor than just ignore these silly things which is diverting you from your goal,every preparation have up and downs that’s why this period is called as a journey of your life,as I can see you are writing alot of problems so it is good to get some just talks with someone who can make you understand the person may be of your family member,teacher ,mentor,neet qualified and friend or relative anyone can be

Aise case me khud ko hmesha remind krte rhna apna goal bohot important hai. Toh Sbse pehle apne daily targets set krna start kro ki abhi se 15-16 months hai toh accordingly plan kro aur koi dikat aye toh mentors se continuous consultation lo . Aur sbse important ki analyse kro regularly ki kitna efficiency hai aur mentors se discuss kro ki ky prblm aa rhi aur continuously motivated rahne ke liye regular motivation lena bohot important hota. Itne competition me hmesha motivated rh pana possible nhi ho pata.