Basic chapters required in physical and inorganic chemistry

What are the basic chapters required in physical and inorganic chemistry to do before starting IIT JEE organic chemistry?


First of all when you will talk to IIT JEE toppers, you come to know that they had given importance to every chapter. But iitian mentor can guide you properly on what should be the right strategy to follow, in which chapter you should give more effort. But if you start your preparation from the basics then it will help you more to understand different types of problems. Also you will find many correlated chapters. Basic concepts build a strong foundation. Study your 11th class properly to understand 12th. In your class 11th clear your basics on State of Matter, Equilibrium, redox reaction, chemical thermodynamics, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, Structure of atom, General organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons. These are the important chapters of physical and organic chemistry. Put effort into these chapters of class 12th : Solid state, solutions, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, chemical kinetics, Biomolecules, Chemistry in everyday life, Alcohol, Phenol and Ether, polymers, organic compounds containing Halogen, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid, Organic compound containing Nitrogen.


In physical chemistry: Mole concept
In inorganic: Periodic table and chemical bonding