Can an average student crack JEE without coaching?

Can an average student crack JEE without coaching?

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Of course, any student can crack JEE as it demands only hard work and dedication. A student being average only means that he/she does not have as much knowledge of subjects as his/her fellow students have. It does not mean that he/she can’t have that. It is just because that student has not studied well in the past and it’s all okay because not many students like to be nerds. Can an Average Student crack IIT? | My Preparation Story From Average Student to IIT - YouTube journey for JEE begins only when you realize that you have to do only that and nothing else. Cracking JEE needs dedication and hard work and you don’t necessarily need to be a topper or something. You have to study with dedication and need to sacrifice some things as well.

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Yes absolutely if we get have aim and if we study with full concentration

Yes, you can crack JEE exam in one year without coaching classes there are many students who have done that. It all depends on your determination and hard work.

To score good marks in JEE make sure you have strong base. You can take help of NCERT books to make your concepts strong. It will help you to solve tricky questions.

It is recommended to use right study material. Don’t run after many books.
You can recommended below book after NCERT.

HC Verma
DC Pandey
I.E. Irodov
Resnick, Halliday, Walker

Organic Chemistry- Morrison Boyd/ O.P Tandon
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations- R.C. Mukherjee
Numerical Chemistry- P. Bahadur
Concise Inorganic Chemistry- J.D. Lee

R.D. Sharma
Trigonometry, Geometry Books- S.L. Loney
Higher Algebra- Hall and Knight

If you are not joining coaching institute make sure you don’t miss your classes.

Refer previous year papers to understand the exam pattern and level of questions. So, that you can plan accordingly.

Practice plays a important role in scoring good marks. You should solve complete mock test series to analyze your preparation level and make sure you do proper analysis of your exam. So, that you can improve your performance. It is very important that you learn from your mistakes.