Can I get into IIT with 6 months preparation?

Can I get into IIT with 6 months of preparation?

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You can do anything if you have strong determination. Getting into an IIT is not a difficult task ( you should try to get a seat in top branches in top IITs .).

Getting into an IIT is not a great thing. You can do amazing things even if you didn’t get a seat at IIT . 6 months of preparation is enough if you have a perfect plan and with hard-working nature. You should be smart enough otherwise you will have immense pressure which would affect your health which is much more important.

Read conceptually. Solve a lot of problems. Don’t concentrate on other exams more such as Mains or Board exams. prepare only for Advanced JEE.

Especially the day of the exam. Have a good sleep the night before and enough breakfast in the morning. Don’t think about the result just concentrate only on the problem you are doing.