Chemistry important one liner

:small_blue_diamond: The industrial production of aluminum from bauxite is by industrial process - electrical decomposition
:small_blue_diamond: Hydrogen is made up of acids, hydrogen and elements - chlorine.
:small_blue_diamond: The commercial utility of ethylene and styrene is due to their potential – polymerization
:small_blue_diamond: The compound that does not form a clean solution with water is benzoic acid.
:small_blue_diamond: Pure alcohol from Sura can be obtained from this process- Distillation
:small_blue_diamond: The highest amount of substance found in ocean water is- ordinary salt
:small_blue_diamond: The gas produced by the fermentation of a sugar solution is- carbon dioxide.
:small_blue_diamond: The pH of an aqueous solution of acetic acid is 2 What will be added to it will increase its pH value- Aqueous ammonia
:small_blue_diamond: Natural substance, which is made up of only one element and from which energy can be obtained – coal
:small_blue_diamond: Water is often not used to extinguish petrol fires because- water and petrol are inseparable. Petrol forms a layer on the surface of water
:small_blue_diamond: Industrial is a group of substances made by electrical decomposition - caustic soda, chlorine, aluminum

:small_blue_diamond: Steel contains- 0.1–2 percent carbon
:small_blue_diamond: The component of air used in the respiratory process is- oxygen.
:small_blue_diamond: The main role of salts in food is- to make a small amount of hydrochloric acid which helps in digestion of food.
:small_blue_diamond: The most commonly used metal by humans is iron.
:small_blue_diamond: The main component of cow dung gas is – Methane
:small_blue_diamond: The best fertilizer for plants is- compost
:small_blue_diamond: The pH of aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid can be approximately – 2
:small_blue_diamond: The highest element found in rocks and minerals is- silicon.
:small_blue_diamond: The gas used to extinguish the fire is carbon dioxide.
:small_blue_diamond: The aqueous solution of which gas has a strong acidic property - sulfur dioxide
:small_blue_diamond: The gas that pollutes the environment is- sulfur dioxide.
:small_blue_diamond: The most important compounds for plant growth are made of- Nitrogen
:small_blue_diamond: How the compound made by heating caustic soda solution with flaxseed oil is used- soap
:small_blue_diamond: Sulfur dioxide and oxygen are two gases used in the industrial production of sulfuric acid