Chemistry questions nhi ban rahe

Hlo bhayya mujhse na chemistry k questions nhi banrahe ionic k and iam in 11th plz help

If you aren’t able to solve the questions first of all make sure you have properly understood the theory. There is a simple step wise process to solve this problem for any subject -

  1. Revise and understand all the theory part through your lectures
  2. Solve the solved examples
  3. Solve the basic questions which require 1-2 concepts
  4. Solve the PYQs
  5. Go for multiconcept questions

Solving the solved examples will help you understand how to initiate the process of solving the question and the basic questions eill help you apply them. Then solving the PYQs will boost your confidence.
Go for multiconcept questions when you have enough confidence and want to test yourself more.
I would suggest you to use coaching modules as they have all the type of questions arranged in the form of exercises so you wont have any problem there.
All the best