Does going to school mean wasting time during IIT JEE preparation

Does going to school mean wasting time during IIT JEE


Pay attention in class because that’s where you’ll build your
foundation. Going to school is not a waste of time, it is the best place
to learn. People who want to appear for JEE advanced must clear the
75% mark in school exams. BITSAT needs more than 80% overall
and more than 85% in combined marks in Physics, Chemistry and

Just because you face JEE doesn’t mean your education and growth
as a person should stop. Your less focus on school while preparing
for JEE will hinder it. Despite what your coaching class instructor
tells you, education is more than knowing science. A sizable
population in IITs suffers because they don’t have basic writing,
coding or communication skills. This is something that will always
give you an edge and can only be achieved (correctly) in school.
Personality development cannot happen when you are alone at
home. Attending bogus schools may give you a few hours but in the
long run you lose value, maybe not as an aspirant but as a member of