Due to online study ,i am distracted towards mob and i want anyone's help for my one year time table, please can anyone help me 🙏

I want help in time table please

I want mentor to guide me for neet 2024 .I need a mentor who can guide me for time table, my doubts and in MCQ practice…one who would give me daily Target

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First of all we’ll need to know for what all you need mobile, like classes only or question papers and all.
If it’s only for classes then would strongly strongly suggest you to use parental controls and give the access to parents so that you can’t use it afterwards. There are settings in that where you can even lock the app and phone after certain amount of time period or from what time to what time like that.
If you have any worksheet or anything then would suggest you to get them printed. Won’t cost too much but will be much helpful then wasting more precious “time”.

Regarding schedule: there is no such strict schedule like study from this time to that time like that. Have a goal about what you have to “compulsorily” complete before sleeping and you must try to complete it. Difficult topics or questions you must give time to think about ways to solve and time to ponder upon them because only solving anyhow like asking or taking help everytime won’t help you.
Taking small breaks in between like 10-15 mins would be good and try to keep a goal like I’ll complete this much portion before I get up and take the break, when you take break, you can go for walk, do some stretching or whatever you feel good in.

You have to find your dopamine in your work to replace the pleasure you find in mobile.

“for mentorship you can register yourself at exprto.com

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Ok i think I will help you

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