Guidance for neet to achieve my goals

I want to who can guide me for 1 yr I am really an aspiring student my grades are also go so will and mentor will help me to give daily targets ask me questions form daily Target and who will be giving timetable and connect me personally and will help me to achieve my goal and who really want to get selected me if u want plz send me email for same there will exchange no. Plz help me I really need it

My email : plz help me


Hi Ketan,

Please share your contact details at
Our team will reach out to you for further help.

Best of luck,
Team Exprto


Decide. Think of something you want to do or work towards. It doesn’t matter what, as long as it’s something you want to do - ideally something you’re interested in or feel excited by. It should be something you want to do for its own sake not for something or someone else. It can be a big thing or a small thing - sometimes it is easier to get going with something small. And it often helps if it’s something that’s just a little bit beyond what you currently can do - goals that stretch us can be motivating!
Write it down. Carefully. Writing down our goals increases our chances of sticking with them. Write down how you will know you have reached your goals and when you’d like to have achieved it by. Ask yourself: what it will ‘look’ like and how will you feel when you’ve done it? How does it connect to who or what you value in your life? Describe your goal in specific terms and timescales e.g. ‘I want to plant lettuces, carrots and peas in the empty patch in my garden by the end of May’ rather than ‘I want to do some gardening.’ Write your goals in terms of what you want, not what you don’t want. For example: ‘I want to be able to wear my favourite jeans again’, rather than ‘I don’t want to be over-weight anymore’.
Tell someone. Telling someone we know about our goals also seems to increase the likelihood that we will stick at them.
Break your goal down. This is especially important for big goals. Think about the smaller goals that are steps on the way to achieving your bigger aim. Sometimes our big goals are a bit vague, like ‘I want to be healthier’. Breaking these down helps us be more specific. So a smaller goal might be ‘go running regularly’ or even ‘to be able to run around the park in 20 minutes without stopping’. Write down your smaller goals and try to set some dates to do these by too. Having several smaller goals makes each of them a bit easier and gives us a feeling of success along the way, which also makes it more likely that we’ll stay on track towards our bigger goal.
Plan your first step. An ancient Chinese proverb says that the journey of 1000 miles starts with one step. Even if your goal isn’t to walk 1000 miles, thinking about the first step on the way will really help to get you started. Even if you don’t know where to start there’s no excuse - your first step could be to research ‘how to…’ on the internet or think of people you could ask or to get a book on the subject from the library. Then think of your next step…and the next…
Keep going. Working towards our goals can sometimes be difficult and frustrating - so we need to persevere. If a step you’re doing isn’t working, think of something else you could try that still moves you forward, even a tiny bit. If you’re struggling, ask people you know for their ideas on what you could do. They may help you see a different way. Thinking about different ways of reaching our goals makes it more likely we’ll be successful. If you’re really struck - take a break and then re-read the goal you wrote down when you started. If you need to adjust your goal - that’s ok too. Then have another think about a small next step…
Celebrate. When you reach your goal take time to enjoy it and thank those that helped you. Think about what you enjoyed and learned along the way. Now, what is your next goal or

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Dear Students ,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. My name is Adarsh Mandal, and I have cleared NEET 2021 with 701/720 marks , and AIR - 118. Having personally experienced the challenges and hurdles that come with this highly competitive exam, I realised the need of Mentor, to guide through this competition.

Physics is challenging , and chemistry is tough to mug , even I used to make a lot of silly mistakes in Bio. I too desperately prayed , that if someone would just lend me a hand , and helped in my chaos , i would have done anything for him.

Therefore I am willing to help the needy students.

I am currently a 2nd year MBBS student at VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. I dont have all the time in world , and helping you would surely take a lot of my efforts.

I only need sincere students with me , and therefore message me only if you are willing enough to sacrifice, and brave enough to score 720.

Telegram and insta - i_adarzh

Sir i do not have insta nor telegram… I am currently in 12th and too stressed out.
I have my 12th biards as well as my neet
I scored around 400-500 in all of my neet mock test
I am pretty stressed out sir
Please provide me with some guidance

@Anshuman1 are ye bhot aasan hone vala h 12th
boards ki dikkat nhi kyuki physics chemistry and biology to aaram se hone vali h .and bat rhi hindi and English ki to bas itna padhna h ki tum paper ko clear kar sako to uske liye 1 hour dono subject ke liye dena suru kardo ye dono subject 1month me aaram se khatam ho jayegi .