Having difficulty in physics

I’m having difficulty in physics. I’m not able to solve questions and haven’t completed many chapters yet. Please help

In competitive exams mostly questions are asked from topics which already have been asked in previous year papers .
So it will be much better to complete chapters according to weightage in which they are asked in exams.
Firstly revise all formulas and then do question practice.
For new chapters there is no need to do high level questions. Even easy formula based questions will be enough for selection.
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Don’t worry …first clear your concepts …with concept I mean to say very basic things …start everything with basic …basic concept,basic questions , basic knowledge…just link physics with your day to day life …the more you think about it …visualize it …and curious about it the more you’ll able to understand it …first understand core strategy of physics …if you are not able to solve questions first start with examples …ask yourself questions …

This is the basic strategy for doing and understanding physics …
-Solve 20-50 questions daily …daily means daily …try to solve questions without the help.of solutions given …
Try to solve once twice thrice …

  • do chapters according to weightage …do thermodynamics,quantum physics ,wave and Ray optics first .
  • and must do active learning …not only in physics …in all subjects …
  • remember no of questions you solve is directly proportional to your score

Physics is easiest subject of all.Period.
Physics is my favourite subject and will ever be. As a 12th grade student you should know the basics of it and from where it came from.

So start with 11th and even if you dont like it just read in the beginning. Donot force your brain to understand every word which is written in textbook. Just read in a way you would read a newspaper.
Start with textbooks. Read them all. Read them again. Till you feel confident enough.
Try to solve the easiest questions which in your book.
Once your done as Manoj Jadon pointed out move on to H.C.V. It is the best book I have read in my life. You feel joy when you read it and it gets double when you understand what it is trying to explain. So read that book.
If you have cleared this theory part then you can challenge yourself by any question you come across.

But remember this dont get frustrated if you cannot solve some problems because it is not necessary that you get it 100%. Those questions will shape your thinking as move on and later you will get better as you solve more and more problems.

For practice JEE mains questions are good and after that you can also try DC Pandey Arihant publications.

Hope this helps.

Only way to improve physics is practice . The no of question you solve is directly proportional to your score . Give 2 hrs daily only to question practice …start with previous year questions … Along with passive study start active learning too …there is no substitute for hard work and practice …
All the best :star2: