How can I increase my productivity for neet?

Im a neet aspirant and Im from kashmir. I am currently in class 12. From this session the board exams in the UT got shifted to march which earlier used to be in November. I have not prepared much for neet . I had huge backlog in 11th grade due to covid. Im very worried for neet. Currently im focusing to complete my 12th syllbus and prepare for boards. But the neet exam date is too close .Exams in UT are going to take the month of March .And I dont have time to prepare for 11th , only 1 month. I have joined AIATS test series.But im just too exhausted to balance bw test syllabus of 11 and completing 12.Thats it. What should I do?Please help.

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First of all I would like to suggest you to take a drop…I know its difficult but it will be worth it if you work with a proper plan in your drop year.

Currently just focus on your board exams and try to get a grasp on the topics of 12th and solve their questions to boost your confidence.
When you will be over with your boards we will start afresh with your preparation with proper schedule, material and guidance.
For now consider completing your 12th syllabus and solve the previous year papers of board which will help you fetch good marks.
Read the biology ncert as much as you can, try to memorize the labelling of the diagrams and make a habit of just solving the biology mcqs for now.
All the best