How can I learn to solve tough math problems at the IIT-JEE level?

How can I learn to solve tough math problems at the IIT-JEE level?j


Some tips to solve the difficult questions in JEE :
• If your basic is not clear of the concept then it will be better not to attempt those questions, it will decrease your marks.
• If you think that those types of questions are taking more time to be solved then you can start with fewer difficult questions which will save your time.
• You can consult with IIT JEE toppers they will guide you on how you can prepare the difficult topics and how fast you can solve the questions.
• Don’t fear about that type of questions, it takes a little bit more time to understand but if you practice this types of questions then it will be easier to solve the questions.
• You can discuss with IIT JEE mentors how you can solve the questions easily.
• Don’t take too much time on easier topics you need more time to understand the difficult topics. First you do simple problems and then go for the difficult problems it will increase your level of solving maths quickly.
• Also solve the previous year’s questions to get an overview of how the questions are asked in JEE examination.
Practice is the key to handle difficult problems in a very short time. So focus on understanding the concepts and practice more to solve difficult problems easily in JEE examination.