How can I master physics for the IIT JEE

How can I master physics for the IIT JEE?


When you are preparing for IIT JEE, one thing you need to understand and work
well on is “only solving problems will not work for you”, especially when you are preparing for
one of the toughest exams. You need to learn to master things . After knowing that you need
not just to study but to master the first question which will come in your mind is “how”.
Well to help you with this here are a few study tips that if followed will make you master
Physics for JEE .
1)learn to focus more on understanding the basics of the subject rather than just memorising
2)Pay attention to the derivations because this will help you to solve complicated answers.
3)Pay attention more on topics like Electrodynamics, Optics and Modern Physics. They will
help you to score more.
H.C. Verma is one of the best books for preparation of IIT JEE physics.
4)Be consistent in solving your coaching material ( if any) because they provide you with a
compact package of high quality questions in and accordance with your current attempt
5)After following all the above-mentioned tricks, start solving previous year question papers.
This will help you to spot the points where you are lacking and where you have mastered.
6) Strengthen your weakness -After analysing your strength and weakness through solving
past year papers , work hard to strengthen your weakness.