How can i remember neet biology?

  1. Revise all diagrams and tables from NCERT books thoroughly.
  2. Examples for the plant kingdoms, animal kingdom, plant morphology, plant anatomy, and animal tissue to be read from NCERT.
  3. Practice pedigree analysis to get quick inferences
  1. Read NCERT daily, highlights important points (atleast 1 chapter)
  2. After reading ncert, practice questions chapter wise.
  3. Make short notes chapter wise for revision.
  4. Make separate notebook for all ncert examples.
  5. For difficult topic/concept, take help of your mentor.

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Ok thank you mbbs_dream i want to get 350+plus in biology and in physics and chemistry i want a pass mark give some tips and mentorship sir for bums doctor degree pls guce some tips for biology


Hello @ashfiafathima694
In NEET exam, biology have 50% weightage (360 marks out of 720) so if you want to score good marks in NEET exam then you have to score 320 plus marks in biology. Biology is easy subject and scoring 300 plus is not tough task ( I have scored 330 marks in biology).

Do following things to score good marks in biology

  1. Read NCERT line by line and highlight important points.
  2. Make short notes ( or fact/concept sheet)
  3. Solve previous year questions and other questions
  4. Give chapter wise or unit wise test and analysed
  5. Revise again and again

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U can remember biology just by reading ncert again and again and write it down all on a page after reading a chapter


The best way to remember biology is shortlisting your content each time you read the book. First of all you only need to follow ncert for reading…no other book. Read the chapters with 100% concentration and then check how much you can recall because recalling power is very important for your exams. For that you need to solve questions and check how much you remember… preferably from a source your mentor recommends. Then for revision you will be needed to compile your class notes and ncert into one…for this I will help you throughout the process as it will be done chapterwise. This compiled source will help you in the last 2 month of preparation because it is very important that you utilise your time wisely. Last but not the least regular revision…make a habit of maintaining a diary in which you record everything you study for a day and it will help you to revise after a proper time.


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