How can prepare for crossing 450 marks in NEET?

Plz suggest me to study
I haven’t enough time to make schedule

Schedule is very important find some time to make schedule for yourself about 30% of your work is made easy after that. if you are unable to do that then first of all go for an mentorship program for neet at exprto your mentors will make a schedule for you .

Don’t study blindly without giving equal time to every subject and when you don’t make schedule you are doing the same no record for your daily study time and daily chapters done.

Try to count your study hours in a day and make a plan out of it you will surely find a good plan for you and will get your marks improved too

Without schedule you won’t be having any plan for studying revision take some time you can make it for yourself.

Exprto can help you to make schedule and can even take your progress systematically. It will help you more then anything else.

I don’t know how get help from the mentors by the Exprto…plz reply for this one

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