How did you manage stress and loneliness during JEE preparation?

How did you manage stress and loneliness during JEE


Yes, preparation days can be very stressful and difficult
tomanage. They contain many complex emotions such as loneliness,
anxiety, tension, depression, and negative thoughts. Personal Life
and Preparation are closely related. First, you must cut ties with the
negative people around you. You may have friends who call you and
say nothing happens or that you are a failure. Avoid such people and
stay away from them.
Minimize socializing and don’t waste time at family gatherings and
events. They may come and go, but that time will never come again.
Only have one or two close friends. Someone who can really share
your problems, someone who is willing to listen to you without
judging you
Even if you don’t have friends, talk to your parents. Spend 15
minutes with your mom or dad and talk to them. They always want
you to succeed. Loneliness can be healed by talking to parents,
siblings, close friends and close relatives. That doesn’t mean you
talk to them all the time and don’t study. Some of us became
frustrated with studying too much and took a nice break for 2 days at
that time. This doesn’t mean you always take such breaks. It was just
once a month for the purpose of releasing frustration.