How did you manage your school work along with JEE preparation?

How did you manage your school work along with JEE


One should not worry too much about school if one is
preparing for JEE !
Keep these things in mind:
Keep your level at par with JEE. Then you will be able to score well
in School also. Take holidays from school (I used to go on alternate
days).you don’t have to score 100% attendance. Just be above the
minimum percentage required.

Even when you go to school, whenever you get time (teacher is
absent, library period, games period etc), solve JEE Questions… (I
used to even solve JEE questions at the back bench in English Class.
Sometimes the teacher used to catch me and take away from
assignments and copy. I then used to get a new photocopy of the
assignment and a new rough copy!)
And whatever extra school work you have (file preparation etc),
complete it in school itself. Never bring it home. Don’t be shy about
copying it from somebody else. Your focus should just be JEE. If
you are just a freshman, I recommend you to join the IIT JEE
mentorship program. In this program you will be connected to top
rankers of the IIT JEE who will guide you and give you tips and
tricks before you start the preparation of the IIT JEE exam and
believe me you are going to be way further than your competitors.