How do I convince my parents that I can't study without coaching for the NEET?

How do I convince my parents that I can’t study without
coaching for the NEET?


The first thing do to is to ask yourself if you really want to go
for the NEET exam. If you are not sure about it then please take
some time and think about your interest and what you want to do
and tell about this to your parents.
If you are sure about taking the NEET exams and you want to go for
coaching then bring this matter to your parents. Tell them that the
NEET exam is one of the hardest exams in India and you need
proper guidance and regular tests to evaluate yourself which
coaching can provide.
Now, I want to tell you that most coaching institutions are just
useless and they only demand high fees without giving a damn about
your future. So don’t be fooled by ads running on Tv or in
newspapers but ask your friends and seniors which coaching is best
in your area.
If you will honestly and peacefully share your problems with your
parents they will surely do things in your favour. They are the ones
who want to see you in a lab coat more than anyone else. Also,
appear for a scholarship test to get some reduction on coaching fees
as it will reduce the burden on your parents.
Decide whether you want to enroll in online or offline coaching.
Last thing I want to say is that coaching will only provide you
guidance and will give you a direction plus you will be able to
evaluate yourself but all the studies and preparation is in your own
hand so don’t rely only on coaching for everything.