How do I manage my time and prepare for IIT-JEE along with school?

How do I manage my time and prepare for IIT-JEE along
with school?


To manage school and IIT JEE preparation simultaneously
requires a lot of patience, (hard+smart) work, constant motivation
and never giving up. Since you want to achieve two goals at the
same time, so this is where the important factor of priority comes in,
it is difficult to excel in both as a top student.
Never consider school as your burden, try to summarize everything
as average students do. Prepare for JEE every day but as the school
exam approaches, try to focus more on your school to perform better
without compromising your Jee preparation. Never leave any
schoolwork unfinished, finish it as soon as you get it.
Never try to be too smart in class so that the teacher and students can
see you, always remember to work hard in silence so that no one will
ever know your level of preparation. You may have seen some
students sitting in the corners or in the back benches, but they are
still among the average classes, you have to be like them.
Never do anything to get stressed in class because you get teased as
an ITALIAN so you are demotivated from your studies.
Aim for class 12 boards more than class 11 as its marks will count.
Always remember that it is better not to study than to study anything
wrong. If you think you are under pressure, leave any of them for 1-2
Never compromise on sleep.
Always spend your holidays on a well prepared schedule and try to
study more and more during the day.
Don’t try for 100% attendance just maintain the criteria above which
you are eligible for the exams and during this time try to revise and
remember everything you learn because revision is more important
than studying everything.

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