How do I prepare for the IIT-JEE organic chemistry

How do I prepare for the IIT-JEE organic chemistry? I am so confused with which mechanisms should I remember or which reactions I should blindly mug up (without mechanism)?


Organic Chemistry is the most interesting and one of the hardest part. It is the most logical part. If you try to mug up the chemical reactions blindly, you will definitely do wrong things. To remember the mechanisms you need more practice and clarity of basic concepts of organic chemistry. If you have doubts at any part go to your subject teacher and clear your doubts. Do not mug up the concepts blindly. You can connect with IIT JEE toppers, they will guide you properly on what would be the best logical way to remember reactions and mechanisms. You should be well aware of different functional groups. During studying make your own notes accordingly and revise them again and again. You need to build a strong base on Chemical bonding and molecular structure, it is a very important chapter. If you join any coaching centre then solve their practice problems. You can purchase test series for more practice. That will enhance your logical thinking.