How do I stay disciplined for neet preparation?

How do I stay disciplined for neet preparation?n


To stay disciplined for NEET Preparation means to be
consistent all through your preparation journey and doing things
which will make you a strong competitor.
Consistency is simply refusing to give up!
It teaches perseverance and pushes one towards excellence. And
NEET demands that all. Following steps may help you get
consistent. These are methods of NEET toppers and their guidance
and mentorship will benefit you alot in your preparation. So if you
have just cleared your boards it will be beneficial for you to take a
mentorship program with personal NEET toppers on platform like
Here are the steps:-
Manage your Internet addiction:- Do you ever go on youtube just
to have a quick view of Kreb’s Cycle, then 5 hours later you find
yourself watching a tutorial on how to talk to a giraffe? Ring any
bells? If yes, then you might wanna reconsider the amount of time
you waste online. Our brains keep processing the information we put
inside it. If you spend a lot of time doing social media, no wonder
you make a habit out of it and will waste your time.

Learn to Focus:- Once you get rid of excess social media, you may
find it hard to concentrate on studies in the beginning. It’s all about
having self-control and resisting the temptation of returning to the
previous state. Therefore start learning to sit and apart from small 5
min break doing nothing which breaks your flow while studying.
Make small goals and achieve them.
Start small:- It’s hard to study for long hours when you are still
training your mind to focus. Keep it small. Study in short slots. A
consistent 25 minutes sitting along with a 5 minutes break will do
fine (Pomodoro Technique). You may later increase the duration
accordingly. This technique will increase your concentration and
will not make you feel fatigued.
Develop a routine:- Have a look at your school/coaching schedule
and count your free hours. Assign each subject enough time. Try to
refrain yourself from late night studies. Our brains work at peak
during morning hours. It takes 21 days for a consistent activity to
turn into a habit. So, once you develop a routine, stick to it. Soon it
will get incorporated into your subconscious mind, and you will no
longer need to force yourself into studies. It will come all natural to
That’s all about how you get consistent and disciplined.


Follow the Time Table: Time table helps to achieve best level of self discipline and create a habit of doing thing time to time. …
Create the positive and motivated study environment: …
Do Exercise & Yoga to stay Motivate: