How do I study the IIT JEE chemistry if I don't like chemistry?

How do I study the IIT JEE chemistry if I don’t like chemistry?


Some subjects are our favourite and there are few which we don’t like at all . For
IIT JEE if you don’t like chemistry you can’t simply avoid it , however you can try your best to
at least understand the basic concepts required for the exam which will help you to pass the
exam properly.
Here are a few suggestions which will help you to study chemistry.

  1. Study NCERT chemistry thoroughly - This will not only help you to clear your base but will
    also help you to cover most of the topics of IIT JEE chemistry.
  2. focus on organic CHEMISTRY.
    3)Make handwritten notes timely.
  3. Solve and understand all the reactions and
    revise them on a timely basis .
  4. You can solve MS Chauhan for jee advanced and Himanshu Pandey for jee mains .
  5. Don’t forget to study physical chemistry and Salt chapter
    7)For the salts chapter you can take the cengage (theory ) . It is a really good book to
    enhance your preparation.