How i crack neet from level 0?

How i crack neet from level 0 ? Abhi tak mene syllabus karna start bhi nhi kiya h and i have not enough time to do that there is only just 2months can i do it? But how plz give some solution i am so stressed and confused ,

You can crack neet. Uske pehele syllabus start kardo by taking lectures from yt then solve mock test and previous year question papers…

Firstly if you have decided to prepare for neet. Then join any coaching whether offline or online and follow what teachers are asking you to do and work hard. Focus more on ncert and study material given by coaching rather than roaming here and there. I will All the best to you and sure you will be a medico soon

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HEY Try to remember why u started if u really want to do it u will able to…So follow few tips that will help u:
First of all study at least 12-15 hours as it is the need of the hour.
FOCUS More on Biology as it is backbone of the exam try to score atleast 350 in Biology .
Solve previous year questions and MTG Fingertips Biology or any module u have and read NCERT Thoroughly.
*Try to score atleast 150 Marks in chemistry solve previous year questions and MTG Fingertips chemistry.
*Try to score atleast 100-120 marks in Physics for this u should practice previous year questions and errorless physics.
#U can also practice Questions provided by EXPRTO also can take mentorship sessions from EXPRTO.
#Practice mock test along with it to access your performance.
Now if depends on you how much u can Focus on things.
Stay healthy stay concentrated…and be consistent

Daily 2chapters of bio, and 1phy chem
Syllabus will covr within 30days automatically

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How to be focused

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Physics ko kaise sudharen

Hey! Prince
You know very well that physics is a very important subject to get good rank in NEET . physics** is a conceptual subject .
so you have to understand concepts first by taking video lectures on you tube individually and take notes …( I’ll provide short notes if you want to )
Revise the same day, it will not take you much time and solve related questions from what has been taught in the class or solve previous year’s questions. This will help you a lot in concept building Or you will be able to score well in mock test or even in NEET.

NEET Preparation Tips.
Know the NEET Syllabus.
Important topics to focus on for NEET.
Good Study Material.
Create a Study Timetable.
Practice NEET sample papers and previous years’ question papers.
Prepare Notes.
Concentrate on weaker sections.
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