How many hours a day should I study to get 300 in the NEET?

How many hours a day should I study to get 300 in the NEET?


There is no guarantee if you invest that much time then you will get that much score. Always remember quality matter than quantity. If you give 3 or 4 hours a day and give your 100 percent in this time then these 3-4 hours are enough. Many people take more time to understand the a
concept and many take lesser time than to understand the same topic. Your result will not depend on the quantity how much time you invest. It will depend on many factors. If you want to improve your preparation then I would suggest you to take guidance from NEET mentors. So it would be better if you focus on your studies to understand the concepts without calculating the time.



You can only maximize your score.

Here is the strategy

First of all minimum 80 questions of biology section are always from NCERT , so if you read NCERT for bio line to line atleast 3 times , you can easily attempt minimum 50 que stions .

Next in chemistry you have to read organic and inorganic specially block chemistry from NCERT , and revise atleast 12th class notes , so that you can easily attempt minimum 30 questions …

and lastly most scaring big problem physics … as being teacher and student also . I can guarantee atleast 30 out of 45 questions in NEET are directly formula base and basic physics base . If you can learn all formulas and learn how to apply them … you can easily attempt 30 questions …. Without any problem …

Finally you have to solve previous 10 years paper … even if u don’t know reason mugup solution … atleast 30 question will repeat…

So you can easily attemp 130–140 questions theoretically …