How much have you sacrificed to clear the NEET?

How much have you sacrificed to clear the NEET?


Sacrifice may not be the perfect term, I might prefer to use the
phrase prioritizing for all of the efforts that I and my dear ones had
installed throughout my preparation. I selected a few matters over
the alternative ones to be able to continue to be far from distractions
and to enhance my training at some stage in my eleventh and 12th.

Social media- The best social media platform that I had access to
became Whatsapp and that too, on my mother’s phone. I used to
carry a totally simple phone that could rarely be used for anything
except making calls.
I stopped giving time to my hobbies. I was good in writing and in
my class 12th I even did an internship in writing but had to stop it
due to preparation.
Friends- I had few friends and we used to go out every weekend but
due to my coaching timing it became very difficult to meet them. I
interacted with them online but physical interaction could happen
only during holidays.
Cricket- I used to watch cricket. I even used to watch a whole one
day match but after I joined my coaching I allowed myself to watch
a movie or cricket match only after I finished solving mcqs or
finished my daily target.
Now there are people around social media and I have met some too,
who go on bragging openly like we didn’t study that much , we used
to hang out with friends often and continued pursuing all our
hobbies and binged watched shows and despite all this they have
secured a good rank this is just a portrayal of their caliber and I
would like to make all the NEET aspirants aware that not everyone
possess a caliber of that sort and not everyone is great at
multitasking and rapidly shifting gears.Before starting your
preparation you should definitely pinpoint your caliber and find out

  • Are you able to get the outcome you are looking for with your
    current amount of dedication ?
    But please a humble request , never ever sacrifice your health and
    never ever cut down interaction with your parents below a certain

Time Table concept is very primitive.

Let me tell you the problem and I will also offer a beautiful solution proven by neuroscience.

Whenever we make a time table, we make it according to 150% of our capacity. We want to win, so we try to work hard and that’s why we end up chewing more than we can swallow. Day 1 you do 90%. For day 2 now you have 60% backlog + 150% of day 2 itself… Soon, you lose all motivation to study… in 3 to 5 days.

I hope you can see the problem with time tables…

Now let me offer you a beautiful solution to this. Make daily targets. These targets should be 50% of your capacity.

Suppose, I can read 20 pages of NCERT Biology in a day. So, make a target to read 10. By noon, you’ll be done with 10. This will increase dopamine in your brains. This will give you so much positive feeling like, “o boy, I am going to top this freaking exam”. You’ll easily do 10 more by night and that too happily. Soon, after a week, you’ll be doing 22 pages/day… Eventually, you might go as high as 45 pages/day…

This dopamine is also the reason I tell you guys to take your Aakash/Allen tests seriously. It’s easy to score if you work hard in them. Getting a good rank will boost your confidence and strengthen your nerves. And trust me, this confidence stays for a long long time.

And all this you’ll achieve happily, easily and with a jolt of positivity.

Your seniors and teachers will scare you a lot but believe in yourself… your studies are easy, and NEET exam is even easier and you’ll do amazingly.