How should I start preparing for IIT JEE Exam

How should I start preparing for IIT JEE Exam?

As you are a beginner therefore I will recommend you to enroll yourself in IIT JEE main to ship where you will get best guidance from recent IIT JEE toppers they will connect you and offer you personal mentorship throughout your journey of being an aspirant and staying ahead of your competitors
Start working on the core topics.
Get full practice on the basic topics and the questions related to it. refer to video lectures to understand all lectures and then implement the numerical questions. Don’t be picky with the lectures and questions for practice. Try each and every type of numerical.
Now work on the important topics, the topics which have much weightage for eg.- Integral Calculus in Maths, Optics in Physics.

(Well, there are pretty much chapters tho!) Be an expert in the topics.
Now, wrap the rest of the syllabus by preparing the topics as per their weightage in JEE. Dividing the syllabus is a little hard as you won’t be able to make a proper schedule of your own. Don’t go for free courses, instead you can choose a dlp course like Kaysons where they would guide you in each and every step.
Get commendable flair in solving the MCQs. Attempt all questions as Kaysons provide you with hints and answer keys too. Check your progress and level of preparation through Mock tests Perform well in national level mock tests to get scholarships too. Attempt previous years’ question papers.