How should I study D & F block elements for the NEET?

How should I study D & F block elements for the NEET?


For this chapter with concepts you need memory power. You have to memorize many things. You can connect with NEET toppers or with NEET mentors they can guide you in a proper way how you should study this chapter to remember all the thing logically. The most recommended book is NCERT for NEET preparation. So you can start your preparation with NCERT books. Study the chapters accordingly, read every line, note down important points, make notes. If you see any chart or table do not neglect that. Go through it and analyse the values. Completing NCERT you can take help from other books. You can take help from other online resources or can join a good coaching institution. They provide study materials that will also help you. For other good books you can take suggestions from NEET toppers or NEET mentors.


Read as: Europe Gaya to TB aur Diarrohoea Ho gaya. Mnemonic for Lanthanides Part 3: E re, dekh Tamatar Yellow aur bLue hain.

F-Block Elements

  1. Thorium (Th), Protactinium ¶, Uranium (U), and Neptunium (Np) …
  2. Plutonium (Pu), Americium (Am), Curium (Cm), Berkelium (Bk)
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