How to feel to be successful

  1. Was your photo published in the newspaper because of NEET/JEE result? What was the feeling like?

The answer is no. My photo was not published in newspaper because of NEET/JEE result. I was not well prepared for my JEE examination. Returning from my exam hall I was aware that I am going to fail in JEE. So, I had no expectations or any type of good feelings.
But if you secure a good result in NEET/JEE you can see your photo everywhere. Your photo will be published in newspapers, and websites. You will receive appreciation from everyone your family, teachers, friends. You will be called for interviews from news channels, various coaching centres. Definitely, it is a proud moment when you see your hard works pay off.
You can visit the link to know recent JEE toppers’ reactions and feelings when they saw their photo published in newspaper for an outstanding result in JEE: