How to manage board and NEET/JEE preparation

How to manage NEET/JEE and board preparation:-

As the syllabus is same for both NEET/JEE and board exam, so we need not to study them separately. In board exam,we have to focus on theory mainly. Study theory (from ncert books/notes/modules) and then practice the MCQ on the same topic,in this way can cover both board and NEET/JEE.

Tips for board exam preparation:-

  1. Focus on previous year questions
  2. Understand derivations of formula especially for physics and chemistry
  3. Practice theory questions by writing
  4. Give mock tests and analysed them

Pro tip : Take guidance from your Exprto mentor.

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Boards and JEE have mostly the same syllabus. There is a bit more in case of JEE. The chapters which are extra are more-or-less theoretical, so handling them is not a major issue as there is always a certain gap between boards and JEE MAINS exam. Multiple attempts are allowed for JEE, that is in our favor too.
The only thing we need to take care of is clearing the concepts of the common chapters as much as possible. JEE requires practicing more and more questions. The practice has to start at an early stage as the level of JEE is a bit more than Boards.

A few tips could be:

  1. Avoid keeping backlogs
  2. Clear your concepts
  3. Practice questions of JEE level along with boards