How to prepare perfectly for neet 2023

I want to get 550 marks in neet 2023. Is it possible in these 2 months of preparation. I need a perfect schedule and strategy and a right approach towards preparation and best mentoring can you help me please

It depends on how and what have you studied whole year .
If you have studied well then it is possible ( just revise revise and revise along with question practice)
If you have not studied well whole year then according to me it is not possible until and unless you are God gifted.( Harsh but true)
However it is my sincere request please study hard these 2 months . After exam your confidence will increase and in subsequent year you will definitely achieve your goal.
In this crucial time please study previous year topics .
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NEET Preparation Tips.
Know the NEET Syllabus.
Important topics to focus on for NEET.
Good Study Material.
Create a Study Timetable.
Practice NEET sample papers and previous years’ question papers.
Prepare Notes.
Concentrate on weaker sections
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