How to read NCERT Biology for NEET UG?

Here are some tips for effectively reading NCERT Biology for NEET-UG:

  1. Start with the basics: Begin by reading the introductory chapters of the NCERT Biology textbook to get an understanding of the basic concepts and terms used in biology.
  2. Read each chapter thoroughly: Read each chapter carefully and make sure you understand all the concepts, diagrams, and tables.
  3. Take notes: Take notes while you read each chapter, noting down important definitions, formulas, and key concepts.
  4. Solve the questions: Practice solving the questions at the end of each chapter. This will help you reinforce your understanding of the concepts.
  5. Revise: Regular revision is essential for retaining the information you have learned. Schedule time for revising the material you have covered.
  6. Use additional resources: To supplement your learning, you can use other study materials such as video lectures, online courses, and reference books.
  7. Focus on diagrams: Biology involves a lot of diagrams, and they are essential for understanding many concepts. Make sure you understand the diagrams and their labels.
  8. Use mnemonic techniques: Use mnemonic techniques to remember lists, classifications, and sequences. Mnemonic devices are memory aids that help you recall information more easily.
  9. Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest developments in biology by following news articles, research papers, and scientific journals.

Remember, NCERT textbooks are the foundation of your preparation for NEET-UG, and a thorough understanding of the concepts covered in them is crucial for success in the exam.

Read every line of NCERT (classes 11 and 12) carefully with the utmost attention.
Understand the concepts, instead of rote learning.
Highlight important points that are frequently asked in NEET Biology.
Make short notes for quick study and reference.