How to revise inorganic chemistry for the last time in 15-20 days?

I’ve completed the whole syllabus but topics such as of inorganic and organic chemistry are becoming volatile. So how to revise such volatile topics for the last time in the next 15 to 20 days.?

Being volatile these topics are scoring also…
Inorganic organic and biology are the subjects which are to be focused more now revision is necessary multiple revision is needed to learn volatile topics … These three subjects are the subjects which are more frequently associated with negative marking if not studied again and again…
Try to recall everything thing at the end of the week and see what all have you studied for better explanation contact exprto team for session

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last 15 days are a crucial time period and this is the time you can make things happen.

To revise each and every thing in detail at this moment is next to impossible,so you have to prioritise.

Let’s consider Biology:-

In biology NCERT play a very crucial role, that is the reason each and every example from NCERT should be on your fingertips.

To do so, do this trick.

Open your NCERT book and go through each chapter page by page but only look for the important example which are given in it.

In chapters like Biodiversity,Animal Kingdom,Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants,Morphology etc are full of examples and they are asked repeatedly and are very important. They cannot be missed

Do this trick for both 11th and 12th NCERT.

Chapters in which you are not confident,you should go through your class notes once again.

And I would like you to pay special emphasis on ECOLOGY, Read the whole unit once again.

Next Comes Chemistry:-

Chemistry is divided into physical,organic and inorganic.

Taking physical in consideration,you should revise all the formulas in the various chapters of physical and try to do a few questions from the various chapters.

Next comes organic; It is all about practical but in organic special care is needed to be given to naming reactions. In AIPMT,they are asked directly or indirectly,so they are very important. Another thing are the chapters like, polymer,biomolecules and chemistry in everyday life, from these chapters one or two questions are frequently asked so giving them a reading is very beneficial.

Then comes Inorganic, my personal approach for inorganic has always been through questions and Re-revision. Go through questions of inorganic, and revise those topics which you are weak in.

And then is the rank decider subject PHYSICS:-

In physics at the last moment you all you can do is revise chapters through formulas.

In physics it’s always helpful to have formula charts in your hand.Go through them again and again so that you don’t miss out any question because you didn’t remember it’s formula.

In cases if you don’t have a chart prepared, go through the chapters from your class notes and only pay emphasis on the formulas. This will help you to recall all the chapters with ease.

In physics along with the formula you should be familiar with its use, cause the questions can be twisted in AIPMT.

In the end all I would like to say is that try to attempt as many full course tests as possible and the previous year question papers as well.

And all the best for the exam .