How to score above 95 % in 10th boards

How to score above 95 % in 10th boards?

Make a own notes read thoroughly notes+book also then do questions answers and practices more and more questions in physics maths and chemistry.
Question answer lern or read which you like and write that answer then your writing skill is also improved this way practice more questions.

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Hii @Yash_Singh
To score more than 95% in boards …
After completing the whole syllabus , what you have to do is to give papers… And practise ans writing.
It is the ans writing skills that will take you ro the next level.

  • write them neatly in organised way
  • write in points
  • follow tge format
  • should be to the point ( no faltu bkwass )
  • write only what is needed

And for great advise, you need to get it checked by your teacherss … And get review from them … Where are you lagging and what is missing…
So keep studying and keep shining!
You’re gonna get it😎

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