How will I get 130 marks in the physics NEET if I start now?

How will I get 130 marks in the physics NEET if I start now?

Physics isn’t such a difficult subject. If your concepts become crystal clear, it will become easy for you to solve the numericals.

Follow steps to score 130 marks in Physics:-
● NCERT textbook is important for Physics for the strong conceptual base and after NCERT
● Absolute clarity in the concepts of Physics comes from practice. Solve lots of questions. Start from easy questions then go higher up.
● Practice conceptual problems. Look at the problems that connect theoretical physics with everyday life. Your analytical skills will be tested in the resolution of the issues.
● Prepare mini notebooks for formulas and for derivations.
● Take help from YouTube lectures, If got stuck anywhere and try to understand the concepts.
● Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) and units while solving Physics problems. Strictly avoid calculation mistakes.
● Solve back exercises of NCERT.
● After done with NCERT, I recommend NEET 35
Years Chapter-wise Solutions with NCERT Page-wise Reference and Topper’s Approach.
The reasons for recommending the book:-

● Chapter-wise arranged questions with NCERT page-wise references from the past 35 years’ NEET exam (1988-2022)
● Toppers Secrets for solving questions efficiently.
● Answer key for every topic and every question. Based on the latest pattern and syllabus
Must go thorough with this book for practicing quality questions.

How to Score 120+

in NEET-UG Physics?

  1. Know the Full NEET 2023 Physics Syllabus (Updated)
  2. Know the NEET-UG Important Topics for Physics Section.
  3. Know the NEET-UG 2023 Physics Exam Pattern.
  4. Refer to Relevant and Most Recommended Books.
  5. Make a Timetable.
  6. Solve Sample Papers/ Previous Years’ Question Papers/ Mock Tests.
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