I am in class 11 and I want to crack JEE. How should I prepared for it?

I am in class 11 and I want to crack JEE. How should I prepared for it?

Firstly “What to do"

:small_blue_diamond:Join a coaching institute if you can( personally I will recommend you Physics Wallah because it is very budget friendly and the faculty of this platform is amazing and if you want detailed answer on couching institute do let me know in the comment section)

:small_blue_diamond:Once you join a couching institute then start preparing chapter as per the classes.

:small_blue_diamond:Make notes properly. You can make 2 types of note one during the class what ever is taught (that will help you to recall things easily)and second after the chapter is complete (write only formula and important defination in one A4 size page.

:small_blue_diamond: Couching institute will provide you DPP (daily practice problems) based on the topics taught on that day.Do it sincerely and check your mistakes and try to learn from your mistakes.

:small_blue_diamond:As covid is in its peak in India so your Couching institute classes and test will be online.And you it is very easy to cheat in test but I highly recommend you to not do cheating because if you it one time it will become your habit.

:small_blue_diamond: Couching material is sufficient for jee mains but if you target jee advance then you have to select some high quality question books. But only if you solved your Couching material and NCERT completely.

And now “What not to do"

:small_blue_diamond: Don’t get into relationships :neutral_face: this all are attraction not true love and that will not remain more than 3 months and won’t believe when your 3 months got vanished.

:small_blue_diamond: Don’t see any web series in your two years of preparation you can see movies once in month (based on your extra time) but web series have so many seasons and episodes that will take your 4–5 days and after completing that web series you will regret of it.

:small_blue_diamond: Don’t try to solve 2–3 books of one subject you will not be able solve 1 complete.

That’s it for today I will add some more points after some time because I am still preparing for jee.

This all points are Experienced by me, So I request you to follow them.And in the end of class 12th you get Nit atleast.

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  • ind out what motivates you (you may think what you want from life and how being an IITian will make it easier for you to achieve it).You must have a reason why do you want to get into an IIT.Once you are motivated, a determination will follow.But from here the real challenge starts, being determined is easy but remaining determined for 2 years will be a tough job.

  • A correct timetable is very crucial. Your activities should be planned. The time distribution for studying all of Physics,Chemistry, and Mathematics in one day should be clear to you from the moment you wake up. Always aim to set constructive goals.

  • You have to always be sworn by three planning tools, a proper time table for each subject, long term and short term plans and a balanced study schedule which leaves adequate time for other activities.

  • If your parents could afford it, you should join a coaching institute, such that you get at least 6 hours to prepare for yourself.

  • Follow the right(not many) books . Keep the sources minimal but be thorough with whatever you have chosen. Books like SL Loney, Cengage, I.A Maron for maths, HC Verma for physics, NCERT, JD Lee, Morrison Boyd for chemistry.

All the very best and good luck.