I have comleted my biology but still very very very bad in chem phy so can I crack neet in this remaining time

I have completed my biology but still very very very bad in chem phy so…how can I crack neet in this remaining months or the main thing is can I crack…


Yes , you should crack it . Sirf usi chapters ko dhyan se pde lo jismae se questions jada aane Wale hai chemistry or physics Mae or agar uskae baad time mile tho koi or chapters dekh lena.
Sab se jada jaruri hai previous year question solve Karo usmae se hi bhot kuch similar sa mil jayega .
And don’t lose hope . Best of luck :crossed_fingers:

Your marks hardly increase by 4–5.

And at this point, you start to loose hope thinking Chemistry is not for you.

You start thinking - “maybe I should focus more on Physics and Biology"

Why did it happen ?
Why did your marks not increase even after studying a chapter from NCERT ?

Do you really think that after going through a chapter once or twice from NCERT is going to make any difference ?

Did you really memorize the information and data and other stuffs that were in the book or did you just read it once and thought — “fine now I see how it happens !” and then forget it
Did you try to memorize the reactions given there ? Or you just simply ignored it thinking — “wow, cool reaction ! Now I know the concept but I don’t think it’s important enough to memorize it, so let’s just move on to the next part"
Have you analysed the tables and charts thoroughly or just looked at the chart thinking — “probably some useless stuffs and numbers, I don’t think they are gonna ask some random data in exams, teacher never told us about that"
Most probably… No cut that “probably”… you definitely didn’t do any of that !

And that’s why it didn’t make any difference !

Don’t tell me you are expecting NCERT to be some sort of magical life saver, one gaze over which can cause all of your doubts to go away.


How to properly study NCERT
First of all ditch that false hope of increasing your marks drastically just after one reading from NCERT

To be very clear — unless you can visualise each and every page (might sound impossible but your target should be that) you have to keep revising the same book — NCERT

And say goodbye to your Class notes.

Now, what are the points that you should focus while studying from NCERT —

Tables and charts : if you see one of these never ever ignore it, no matter how insignificant it seems, do THOROUGH ANALYSIS of each and every information and make orders from that table and write your observations on the book itself adjacent to the table.
Boring theory and long ass texts : you never skip a single line in Biology NCERT right ? Then why the discrimination here ? Carefully read and try to MEMORIZE, don’t just think that understanding concepts is going to solve everything. READ > UNDERSTAND > MEMORIZE > REPEAT
Graphs : Chemistry graphs are no different than the physics ones, you always try to understand how a graph is plotted in physics right ? Chemistry demands the same. LOOK AT THE GRAPH > UNDERSTAND > DRAW > MEMORIZE > REPEAT
Diagrams : treat each and every diagram in Chemistry book the same way you do for Biology. DRAW > MEMORIZE THE LABELLINGS > REPEAT
Linking : link the informations you know with each other. The theory texts you just memorized, link them with the graphs and diagrams and table data. Everything will start to make sense. And, also link different seemingly unrelated informations from 2 different chapters together. In other words — make information webs.
Example —

See this ? This is from the chapter d,f block.

Here you can see it is mentioned Eu has ∆E° value —2.0 V.

This information seems pretty random right ? So how exactly do you keep it in your mind ?

You know what else has an ∆E° value almost close to this but in +ve ? Ans is Co (+3/+2)

So, now you have 2 element one of which (Eu) has —2V and other one (Co +3/+2) has ≈ +2V ∆E° value.

Does this Co element seems familiar ?

Have you ever heard of anything called — Cobalt Chloride test ?

Yes ! you guessed it right (maybe ?), It’s used to detect the rate of transpiration.

But, wait a minute ? Isn’t that in Biology ?

Yes, it’s in the chapter — Transport in plants

Umm… so… are you saying we started with the ∆E° value of Eu in d,f block and ended up in Biology ??!!


And guess what ?

From now on, whenever you see this segment while revising biology NCERT, you’ll remember about the ∆E° value of Eu and also you now know the ∆E° value of Co.


And as ecology says — “the more complex the food web is the more sustainable the ecosystem”

The same goes with this “Information Web"

This was just a demo, try to incorporate this in your studies and I’m sure you’ll see massive improvements !

This took me a solid 1.5 hrs to write ! Phewww…

Wait…do you think you are weak in biology? Aaaah silli dude…one is weak or too good in any subject. It’s only the result of the work and effort you have done on a subject. Like Physics and chemistry of yours is very strong that means you have put more work and efforts into those subjects. But in case of biology you are not doing so.

For biology I would recommend you to read the chapter from NCERT once and mark the important lines or points. Now after that read the same chapter NCERT again. Now this time you will find some more important points which you missed to mark while reading for th
How do I overcome backlog during NEET prepration?
Guys pls listen to me on this… I don’t think any other person can relate and give a better solution for this question. I had my whole class 11 as my backlog. So how did I overcome it?

People have backlog because of their careless behaviour. As a teenager we all have many distractions. I have been through a lot of different stages of my life where I was literally not doing anything but just watching porn and surfing on internet (specially YouTube) for days. I wasted my whole 9th and 10th. Guys trust me… I was the biggest idiot, dumb and a loser my whole life. But I have learned a lot of things in the past 1 year which have totally transformed my life. Today I will give you guys tips and life hacks which will definitely help u, if u r a loser and want to become a better version of yourself.
Life hacks → 1. We all think that being discipline is just another word for strict and not so fun life… boi we r wrong. Only discipline makes a man perfect; its true for sure. But how to maintain discipline for completing your backlog and improve in studies? Its simple, first of all u have to make a time table (very very strict). For a NEET aspirant, we should at least study for 12 to 14 hours a day. My personal time table is of 13 hours study (I will share it to u, just DM id - jay7raj (Insta)). The other ways for using discipline is to make strict rules like - I will masterbate only 2 times a week, I will not surf of YouTube for more than 1 hour a day.
Life hack → 2. Do you think study is hard and feeling to give-up on studies? boi we r wrong…… studies for students like us (backbenchers). We r fucking intelligent. Its just like, we don’t have interest or we r distracted. Studies r so easy…. like people say NEET is a very hard competitive test. But look at the facts, I will give u facts - In every competitive exam if u score more than 70–75% , u get selected. And I’m telling u, NEET, JEE, r simple for us only if we give at least give 6 - 7 hours for proper focus of study and practising question for the next 3–4 hours (with headphones on). Overall I will say- It is hard but u can do hard. Most important thing - Don’t lose hope.
Backlog → So as I said, I was having my whole 11th as backlog but I managed to complete it. First of all - pls attain regular classes and maintain proper notes… Do not go first on backlog and let the present chapter as ur new backlog. Seriously this was my great mistake in preparation for NEET. So complete the present work. But how will we attain regular classes when our backlog is the base for what is going in regular class? Don’t worry guys… just fucking attain the regular classes even if u don’t know what is going on. Maintain notes and at the end on the day, go for backlog. I used to complete my backlog at night. This is the key guys. Go for regular classes at day and backlog at night.

Organise everything in your room (it helps)
While studying ur desk should be absolute empty but only books (or laptop). This trick really helps. Keep it simple and fast.
Make a daily progress diary
Keep separate time for DPPs
Be positive
Don’t listen to other people, personally I had a lot for friends and family members demotivating me. But I just ignored them and focused on my game.
Focus - this is basically the biggest life hack. But everyone have their own technique, so I will keep it upto u.
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That was not my ques why had given me a ans

You have completed the syllabus of biology this is good you are working hard we know
But still you have been lagging in chemistry and physics.
So for physics and chemistry , sirf utna krna jitna important hai like important topics jinka weightage kaafi jyada hai comparing to other topics .

• Physical chemistry -

• inorganic chemistry:-

• organic chemistry:-

• Physics :-

do these above topics sincerely and be calm and confident everything will be fine