I have some queries

1.) Name of scientists & year of discoveries, experiments and other are they important for neet??

2.) Now Aiims is merged in neet so, should i do pyq of Aiims also??
If yes then of how many years…?

3.) Now a days every other person is like they have best short notes purchase from them… I have my compact notes but not something like flashcard so is it necessary to buy some flashcards or short notes ??

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Hello @Aditi-jain

  1. Scientist and their discoveries are important as some questions are asked on this topic.
    ( Jo scientist ncert me de rakhe hai, vo ache se karlo)

  2. If you have time, then you can solve AIIMS PYQ also ( but they are little tough as compared to NEET exam)

  3. Our own self made notes/short notes are best, so no need to purchase other short notes ( you can use other short notes as reference and add important points in your own notes from that)

:white_check_mark: Pro Tip :- Take help and guidance from your mentor.


Not all scientists and year of discoveries are important…Try to check previous year questions related to the scientists and dates…also their are few experiments important from exam point of view u must know about the dates and names related to that.
2 U can do if u have time
3 lastly try to make ur own notes more concise as it is important to revise from same notes again and again rather then buying new things before exams.