I need help in inorganic chemistry

Sir I need help in inorganic chemistry

First of all, be adequately aware of the Chemistry Section of the NEET examination. The Chemistry section is divided into three major sections: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry is the first section to deal with in the Chemistry section of the NEET examination, followed by Organic Chemistry and then Physical Chemistry. While preparing, students often neglect the importance of Inorganic Chemistry. That is where they make a blunder. Suppose you neglect such a scoring topic.

Our experts researched a lot into the previous ten-year papers of the NEET Chemistry section. Have a look at the table below, which provides you with the weightage of each section of Chemistry:

Section Weightage in NEET
Inorganic Chemistry 34 %
Organic Chemistry 35.6 %
Physical Chemistry 30.4 %
As you can see, Inorganic Chemistry covers more than ⅓ of the entire score of Chemistry. Now that you are well aware of how much Inorganic Chemistry is important, let us look at how you can prepare Inorganic Chemistry in a month. Later in the article, you will also be made aware of the weightage of all the chapters covered within Inorganic Chemistry.

Know the NEET Syllabus for Inorganic Chemistry
Before you start running, you should know how to run. Similarly, you should be well-versed with the syllabus for starting the preparation. You have a starting point and a good kick-start if you know the syllabus.

Solve NCERT books
The second step is to stick to the NEET syllabus and start studying with NCERT textbooks for this section. To your surprise, most NEET questions are based on NCERT texts. If you want to complete Inorganic Chemistry in a month, you should finish NCERT for Inorganic Chemistry within one week.

Important Chapters of Inorganic Chemistry
You don’t need to cram up all the chapters and topics related to Inorganic Chemistry. Within one month of Inorganic Chemistry preparation, focus on limited topics. The introductory chapters under Inorganic Chemistry are listed below, which will help you score a decent score in just one month of practice. The entire 34 % of the weightage of Inorganic Chemistry is distributed in the table below:

Inorganic Chemistry Chapter List Weightage in NEET
Molecular Structure and Chemical Bonding 29. 4 %
S – Block Elements and Hydrogen 7. 8 %
Periodicity in Properties and Classification of Elements 10. 5 %
F and D block elements 12. 4 %
P – Block elements 13.7 %
Coordination Compound 17. 6 %
Practical Chemistry 8. 5 %