I'm starting my preparation form 5/12/2022 can I still receive marks above 650

I’m starting my preparation now for the exam…can I still recive marks above 650

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Yes you can get selected in neet in your dream college. You just have to get yourself a good schedule and a nice stretegy. Contact your mentors for this. If you want 650 plus then you should not waste anymore time. Complete you syllabus underneath start some revision part.


Yaa you can definitely crack neet and score good and get your dream Medica college even if you start now.Just what you need is to do a lot of hard work focus on important topics and the type of questions that are frequently asked in the previous years.You should make a proper schedule and follow it strictly and be consistent and believe in yourself and focus first on chapters that are easy and scoring and try to complete your syllabus at least 1 month before exam so that you can revise in last month and also do revisions time to time
All the best

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