Important points in biology

:star2:1. Unit of classification : Taxon/category/rank.
:star2:2. Unit of Neural system : Neurons
:star2:3. Functional unit of kidney : Nephron.
:star2: 4. Anatomical unit of muscle : Muscle fibre/muscle cell.
:star2:5. Functional unit of contraction : Sarcomere
:star2:6. Functional unit of inheritance : Genes.
:star2: 7. Unit of Noise Pollution : dB (Decibel).
:star2: 8. Unit of ozone layer thickness : DU (Dobson Units).
:star2: 9. Functional unit of Nature : Ecosystem.
:star2: 10. Structural and functional unit of all living organisms : Cell.
:star2: 11. Reproductive unit in the angiosperms : Flower
:star2:12. Unit of water potential : Pascals ΒΆ or any other pressure unit.
:star2: 13. Structural and functional units of liver : Hepatic lobules
:star2:14. Structural and functional unit between developing embryo (foetus) and
maternal body : Placenta
:star2:15. Functional unit of kidney : Nephron

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