Important points in mineral nutrition


:black_small_square:Impart green colour to plant encourages vegetative growth

:black_small_square: Nitrogen is essential constituent of protein

:black_small_square: Constituent of Protoplasm of chlorophyll and coenzyme.

:black_small_square: Play important role in
synthesis of auxin


:black_small_square: Lower leaves become yellow and dries.

:black_small_square:V shaped chlorosis on older leaves or yellowing at tip.


:black_small_square:Starvation disease due to nitrogen deficiency.

:black_small_square:Buttoning in cauliflower.


:black_small_square:Increase the disease resistance.

:black_small_square: Enhance new cell formation and necessary for root development.

:black_small_square:Required for grain formation and maturity of grains.

:black_small_square:Phosphorus is essential constituent for nucleic acid and phytin.

:black_small_square:Most essential functions are energy storage and transfer energy act as “energy currency”.


:black_small_square:Due to deficiency of single element the life cycle of plant can’t be completed hence (Agricultureexamslibrary) Phosphorus is called " key of life "

:black_small_square:Deficiency imparts dark green colour in leaves.

:black_small_square:Later develops red purple colourration.


:black_small_square:Sickle leaf diseases.


:black_small_square:Most essential function of K+ is stomata regulation.

:black_small_square:Provides disease resistance in plants.

:black_small_square:Cofactor for enzymes.

:black_small_square:Formation and translocation of Sugars.

:black_small_square:Helps in chlorophyll formation.


:black_small_square:Spot of dead tissue at tips.

:black_small_square:Scorching and burning on margins of autumn leaves.


:black_small_square:Rottle/ dieback disease.


:black_small_square: It is constituent of cell wall

:black_small_square: Calcium is a mobile in plants and deficiency symptoms appear on Meristem tip portion.


:black_small_square: Terminal bud die


:black_small_square:Tip hooking.

:black_small_square: Blossom end rot of tomato(BER).

:black_small_square:Popping in groundnut.


:black_small_square: Essential constituent of chlorophyll.

:black_small_square: Magnesium is a constituent of chlorophyll.

:black_small_square:Chlorosis between veins.


:black_small_square:Sand -drown disease of tobacco.


:black_small_square: Sulphur oxidizing Bacteria is Thiobacillus.

:black_small_square:Sulphur is essential for oil seed and pulses because it improves oil content and protein content in oil seeds and pulses, respectively.


:black_small_square:Akiochi disease of rice due to Excess of hydrogen sulphide.

:black_small_square:Tea yellow disease of tea.


:black_small_square:Fe is the component of nitrate reductase.

:black_small_square:Required for nitrogen fixation.

:black_small_square:During respiration act as O2 carrier.


:black_small_square:Interveinal complete chlorosis.

:black_small_square:Scorching of leaf margin.

:black_small_square:Yellowing of iron chlorosis in groundnut.


:black_small_square:Formation of chlorophyll.

:black_small_square:Co-factor of enzyme.

:black_small_square:Mn toxicity causes crinckle leaf of cotton.


:black_small_square:Dead spot on leaves.


:black_small_square:Marsh spot of pea.

:black_small_square:Pahala blight of sugarcane.


:black_small_square:Compound of plastocyanin.

:black_small_square:Essential for photosynthesis/ respiration.Agriexams library

:black_small_square:Dieback and reclamation disease of cereals.


:black_small_square: Necessary for Pollen germination.

:black_small_square:Boron is the only non-metal element among the micronutrient.

:black_small_square:It is necessary for translocation of Sugars and is involved in reproduction and germination of pollen.

#Disease : due to deficiency

:black_small_square:Browning of cauliflower is caused by Boron deficiency.

:black_small_square:Top sickness of tobacco.

:black_small_square:Fruit cracking of tomato.

:black_small_square:Hard fruit of citrus.

:black_small_square:Hen and chick disease of grape.


:black_small_square:In plants it is required for biosynthesis of hormones.

:black_small_square:Zn deficiency causes-

-White bud of maize.
-Khaira disease of rice.
-Little leaf of cotton.
-Mottled leaf of citrus.
-Rosette formation.


:black_small_square:It is component of Vitamin B

:black_small_square:It is essential for formation of type of hemoglobin in N-fixing nodule tissue known as leghaemogloin.

:black_small_square:Act as O2 carrier in roots.

:black_small_square:Also known as animal protein factor.


:black_small_square:Mo: absorbed as molybdate MoO4-2 forms.

:black_small_square:Mo is important component of enzyme: Nitrate reductage.

:black_small_square:N-fixation in pulses.

:black_small_square:Whiptail of cauliflower is due to deficiency of Mo.

:black_small_square:Mo is required for carrot & raphanus for sweetness.