Inorganic Chemistry - NCERT

Is the NCERT enough for inorganic chemistry for the JEE?


If you analyse previous years question papers and talk to IIT JEE toppers, they will tell you inorganic chemistry is important along with organic and physical chemistry. You can expect 30-40% of questions from inorganic chemistry. And definitely NCERT is one of the most important books. Many questions are asked from NCERT. But difficulty level of the questions is tough than NCERT. You need to memorize more from this part. Study them well, and make your own note. You can easily secure good marks in inorganic section of IIT JEE. You can consult with IIT JEE toppers, they will give you proper guidance on how to study inorganic chemistry that you will not forget. Revise your notes again and again. Then get into problems and do write test papers more and more. Try to solve previous years question papers that will give you an idea about question patterns and difficulty level.