Is 1 year sufficient for IIT JEE with coaching

Is 1 year sufficient for IIT JEE with coaching?

Yes definitely, 1 year is definitely sufficient, but that depends on a lot of factors. But according to me, one of the major factors are mentor-ship and guidance.
When we talk about one year , this suggests that now we can’t focus thoroughly on each and every topic. We need to do smart work instead of studying without a strategy . And for the same guidance is a must, because we need to know what is important and what is not. If we try to cover every topic, you will land in a position where you

won’t be able to solve a single question and to avoid this we need guidance. And for the same i will suggest Exprto. It is an online platform for IIT-JEE tutorials. And it is the only online platform that keeps a track of each and every student, in my knowledge. Vedantu has the best mentors as far as we are talking about IIT-JEE. They have been producing top ranks. And JEE is just not about studying, it is about smart studying and that is what Exprto gives.