Is it enough if we study NCERT thoroughly 10 times for NEET?

Is it enough if we study NCERT thoroughly 10 times for


Exam preparation can only be effective if you have a good
study strategy and assessment plan. The basic rule for passing any
exam is to understand your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
This is also the case with NEET.
Once you are thoroughly familiar with a chapter or concept, try
sample questions based on it. This is the best way to judge whether
you have learned the concept well or whether there is room for
For biology- NCERT is enough with thorough revision.
For chemistry -
Physical - Ncert is enough ,practice last year questions and mock
Inorganic - NCERT is more than enough for neet.
Organic — Ncert is not enough, refer to some good for reference,
practice last year neet questions.
For physics — Ncert for basic, then if you have any doubts refer to
HC Verma. Practice last year neet questions.
The tip is to solve previous year questions to help you pass the
exam. If you are just a beginner then I will recommend you to take a
small mentorship program from Experto to where you will be
connected to recent neet toppers who will guide you in your journey.
It will be very very beneficial for you because you will be ahead of
many competitors and will always be in the right direction.


As we all know more than 95% exam of biology is from NCERT so if you thoroughly read it more than 10 time you can easily score 340+ marks

Just make sure that you go through each and every line of NCERT along with diagrams and flowchart