Is it possible to study whole year without any distruction

I’m an average students. I just completed my 12th. Due to financial problem I’m not able to take coaching in offline mode. I’m attending classes from my phone but I don’t think it’s possible to study whole year without any distruction . I’m really scared of losing my interest while studying. Although the syllabus is very lengthy,one day of zero interest can ruin my whole preparation.

Don’t lose you hope…many average student are get selected in exam by there hard work and dedication. You can also be one of them.
believe in yourself…

You can take help from YouTube, telegram also for question practice and all…

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1 fix a deadline when you want to achieve the target and then divide the subjects according to time in order to complete your whole syllabus.

2.make a to do list.

3.use pomodore technique.

4.turn of the data usage of social media if you are using your mobile for study.

5.stay hydrated while study

6.dedicate a fix of regular study.remember one thing consistency And practice can beat the talent.

  1. Do some meditation for mental strength and some exercise for your physical strength.
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