Is it really tough to crack the NEET in the first attempt? What should be sacrificed to get it?

Is it really tough to crack the NEET in the first attempt? What
should be sacrificed to get it?


Hi! First of all, nothing is really difficult if you have a strong
will to do it. But if you aim for it half-heartedly, then it will be really
I am giving you some tips below, I hope it will help you:
You really don’t have to sacrifice anything, all you need is full focus.
Your only goal for a year (if you are giving 2019 neet) or two years
(if you are going for neet 2020) must be this exam only. You must
think of nothing but this
For Biology: Start reading certs daily. This will also help in board
exams. Biology books must be your bible for this exam. Read at
least a chapter from it every day before going to bed. Whatever they
teach you in coaching is also important but until and unless you
prepare the same from ncert it will all be futile. Practice questions
too. Theory alone won’t help especially for chapters like genetics.
Be sure to memorize the supplementary material listed at the end of
the book. Direct questions are asked from this section.
For physics: “focus on the questions only” is what people will tell
you to do. But that’s not the only thing my dear, first of all
strengthen all your concepts, clear your basics. To do this, you need
to thoroughly go through the theory at least once. Physical certs
have enough explanation. Moreover, it contains all types of
questions, so focus on that as well. This will also help you in the
AIIMS exam.
For Chemistry:
Physical chemistry theory is really easy don’t waste much time on it.
Just focus on the questions. Prepare well for this section as it is the
easiest part of your chemistry syllabus (at least in my opinion.
With organics, your chemistry teacher plays a vital role. Try to clear
all the basics, leave no doubt. Practice NEET UG questions
specially. Practice questions daily on the topic taught in class that
day. Ncert will seem easy enough for organic but at least go through
it once.
For inorganic chemistry, stick to ncert. Read each chapter 3-4 times.
Make your own notes on 2 pages of each chapter by selecting
important points from ncert.
Start practicing mock test papers only from November onwards.
Maintain time slots for each subject
Never miss coaching tests and courses. Whether you are ready or
not is just a test. This will help you know your memory capacity,
how long you can remember the things taught in class.

Self-study is the key to success in any exam. Take as much time as
possible. Try to steal some time from your daily routine and solve
the questions during this time. For example, I solved questions while
traveling to school and while coaching. I used to lodge some classes
in a school and go to some lonely place to solve physics (when I was
enrolled in regular schooling). If you are a dummy in school or a
dropper, you must have a lot of time, so don’t waste it and do
something productive.
Set weekly goals for how many chapters you will prepare Study at
whatever time suits you. I used to be a night owl. Do as you wish
Don’t waste your time on social media. It’s all just a distraction.
Spend only 15-20 minutes on whatsapp, instagram and news. Read
only useful questions on quora. Otherwise quora is also really
10 days before the exam. Start final revision. Give 3 days for
physics, 3 for chemistry and 4 for biology. It may sound strange to
you, but believe me, the savior is biology. Especially for those who
are weak in chemistry or physics.
Stay motivated! Stay confident! :slight_smile:


Starting your NEET preparation in class 11 when you start your class 11 school studies (syllabus is same)
Not spending time on watching video lectures for hours each day (you already study the concept in school)
Starting practice of questions in the beginning of class 11. Most keep reading books throughout class 11 and 12 and do not practice at all.
Confusing practice with taking tests. Practice is before taking tests. You need to pick a chapter and practice all NEET level questions on the chapter first.
Taking tests for each chapter, only after thorough practice.
Do not rely on previous year questions (pattern has changed alot)

kuch ni hota agar ni hua ek baar me,
Clg me charr chaar saal vale bhi milege.
So chill…
It is what it is… there will be students who’ve cracked it in the first attempt , there will also be students with multiple drops…
They all have different personallities.
But, nothing has to be sacrified its your hustle.
Ace it your way.