Is it really worth to take a gap year?

Taking a gap or not is the most difficult decision for a student
Is it really worth it?
Will i be able to crack it?
Should i take another course?
Do i need to have a backup plan?
And many more…
It will always be a personal preference , bt if you have a liitle confidence that yes i can crack the exam!
Give it your best shot!
Atleast you’ll be having prespetive, confidence, and a lot experience in how to pull yourself through hard times!:raised_hands:
Believe me or not It definately adds something in your personallity!

What I personally think is taking a gap year for preparing any examination is not bad or it does not make you weak in any way because all competitive demand some certain level which you need to excel in order to crack that examination.

but you must know that in order to crack that examination you have to eliminate your minus points which are acting as a blockage for achieving your goal.

And before please ask yourself if I am mentally prepared to handle the preparation of examination throughout the year.

And if you want to quit the preparation in that case I don’t think this decision makes you weak in any way because there is a famous dialogue from a well-known movie

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