Is quitting after 12 years a good idea?

Will be ready for IIT-JEE. Is quitting after 12 years a good idea?

Before You Begin If you are a beginner, you should get a short mentorship through the Experto rankers JEE Mentorship Program. Here you can connect with recent JEE 1st year students who will provide guidance on how to prepare, what resources to use, and more. First, let me ask you one question. Why would you take one drop? Has anyone ever told you to drink one drop, or do you think you can achieve more after one drop? Here are some conditions to drink a drop of (don’t take it lightly). : If you hacked the JEE power grid this year with a score above the 90th percentile. In this case you can take the drop (the concept should be about 75% clear). Focus on practical questions, be clear if you have any doubts about a concept, and one more thing: don’t try hard topics (for the first time) until 1-2 months before the exam.You plan to pursue a career in engineering after 12. In this case, don’t try to cover the entire program unless the concept is clear. What you did in 11th and 12th grade made them clearer and practiced more questions. And choose graded topics from the curriculum. (Example: Modern Physics, Logic Representation, Periodic Table. Chapters by grade.)