It is possible to crack neet in 100 days and how to conplete syllabus

I am S C category student i want 500 marks in neet 2023 it is possible to cover syllabus in 3 month

Yes you can


Yes u can focus on ur strong points and revise ur biology so that u can get 350 in biology and remaining marks in physics and chemistry

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Yes you can surely do that as only biology is of 360 marks and most of the question comes from NCERT so just read NCERT and prepare that if you focus you can easily score 320+ in biology itself and for physics and chemistry I would say focus on important and easy chapters and clear your basics

Important chapters in physics
Laws of motion
Work energy and power
System of particles
Ray optics
AC current
Moving charges and magnetism

Important chapters in chemistry
State of matter
Coordination compounds
And do at least scoring chapters like biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life, etc


Hello bhaiya
I wannna select in mbbs with my aims colledge these year aisa nhi ki eske liye mai hard work nhi karti but the thing is mai bar bar apne path se distract ho jati hu currently i am studing in allen and its my first drop these year mere liye selection bahut jaruri hai coz mai apni mummy es tarah kam karte hue nhi dekh sakti i wanna give a break to her from that all thing but ab mujhe ab bilkul bhi samjh nhi aa rha kya karu bar bar distract hone ke bad bhi i always tries chalo thik hai jo hua so hua new starting karte hai and jis chiz se distract hoti hu unko mai phir puri tarah se remove kr deti hu but bhaiya now i am exhausted of that all but still i wanna go to my aims colledge please bhaiya guid me for that

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Join for mentor session on exprto for proper guidance

Hii @Prachi4 all I want to say is that don’t get distracted with things just be focused for the NEET exam as the exam is very much close and revise things which you have completed and try to complete important topics which are left and secondly don’t take stress everyone have some issues and don’t think negative and stop overthinking as people waste there lot of time in just overthinking So instead of wasting it make that productive and make proper schedules and time tables and complete them and get yourself a mentor so that he/she can guide you and can give you solutions so that you can do better
All the best✨

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To cover the NEET syllabus in the last three months and secure a minimum of 500 marks, you can follow these steps:

  1. Revise important topics: Revisit important topics and focus on high-yielding areas.
  2. Solve mock tests: Take regular mock tests to assess your performance and identify weaknesses.
  3. Time management: Manage your time effectively during the mock tests and focus on finishing the exam within the allotted time.
  4. Focus on accuracy: Focus on improving your accuracy rather than just attempting a large number of questions.
  5. Analyze your performance: After each mock test, analyze your performance, identify your weaknesses, and work on improving them.
  6. Revise regularly: Regular revision is key to retaining information. Set aside dedicated revision time each day.
  7. Practice previous year question papers: Solving previous year question papers will give you a good idea of the types of questions to expect in the exam.
  8. Get enough sleep and eat healthy: Maintain a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep to improve your performance.
  9. Stay motivated: Stay motivated and focused on your goal. Celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of securing a minimum of 500 marks in NEET.

Here’s a quick plan to complete NEET syllabus in 100 days:

Make a study schedule: Allocate time slots for each subject and stick to it.

Study daily: Consistency is key. Study at least 6 hours a day, taking breaks as needed.

Prioritize: Focus on the important topics first, revise them regularly and then move on to the next.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Solve as many NEET level questions as possible, to improve your speed and accuracy.

Prepare Notes: Jot down important formulas, diagrams, and theories to make revision easier.

Test yourself regularly: Take mock tests to assess your progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Focus on your weaknesses: If you’re having trouble with a certain subject or topic, put extra effort into mastering it.

Stay motivated: Remind yourself of your goals, take breaks and do things you enjoy to maintain focus and energy.

Remember to sleep well, eat well and stay hydrated. Good luck!