JEE 2023 Dropper

I’m a dropper but am very late in my batch. I need someone who can guide me how can I cover my backlogs and come on track. Please help me!


Firstly, don’t compare with others. Everyone has their own style of learning. Just try to study 7-8 hours per day. Do following things to cover backlog:
• Make schedule to cover backlog, try to give at least 1 hour for backlog.
• Try to cover backlog on holiday/Sunday
• Watch short lecture on YouTube
• Discuss with topper friends or mentor
• First focus important topics and previous year questions

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First thing u should do is to be CALM…as I think u r bit stressed and tensed about the situation…
I myself wasted My 11th but in 12th suddenly felt that “it was now or never situation” and give my best for the preparation… therefore don’t see urself with pity at any instant…
first thing u have to do is to start being up to date with your coaching …and doing all the work given by your teachers being done on time…
and side by side devoting 1-2 hour daily for the 11th and 12th topics as u have to get a hold over them or else u can ask your mentor to guide u to set a time table .
start giving FOCUS ON TESTS and try to improve your marks by 1% for every exam.


Sir test me marks improve nahi ho rha please give some idea about paper attempting


According to me, first of all you have to do daily goals and complete that.
Make your plan daily of 13-14 hrs if you are not joined any institute or online classes. Questions practice is too much essential from pyqs +coaching materials /online study materials book pdf +ncert for theory.
I want to tell you that you have to download or ncert book pdf in which from exampler + laboratory manual book pdf and solve, study that’s . It’s amazing secret for increasing your score low to high.
This secret is very good secret please study and solve it before your jee mains +advanced exam .
All the best


Recently l have to joined online class but my doubt does not clear properly l am so confused about why should I am taken a drop against my family no body’s can support me but l want to select in jee mains 2023 exam sir please tell me what to do


If you are ready to do consistent hardwork for 1 year then you can take one chance. But this will be your first and last attempt, so try to give your best this time. If you have any query or doubt then you can ask me.

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